WELCOME TO HAZARIBAGH : "A City of Thousand Gardens"


Hazaribagh,Literally meaning a thousand gardens. Hazaribagh is a famous health resort situated on a height of a 2019 ft. above sea. It has excellent climate and scenic beauties all around it in the midst of dense forest which is quite rich in flora and fauna. The Hazaribagh plateau has on its eastern margin, Parasnath - the highest hill in the Bihar, rising to a height of 4480 feet. The loftiness here is of another order. According to the Jain tradition, no less than 23 out of 24 Tirthankars (including Parsvantha) are believed to have attained salvation in the Sammetasikhara of the Parasnath hills. The hill seems to have been an abode of Jains. The Prasvantha, 23rd Tirthankar was very popular among tribal population of Chotanagpur. He is identified by the snake king Dharanendra, whose many hoods protect the meditating Tirthankar. Both the Swetamber and Digamber Jains have many beautiful temples here on the hills.




Air:Nearest airport: Ranchi (100km) which is well connected with rest of the country.
Rail: Koderma is the nearest railway station 59 Km away.This station is on Delhi-Howrah main route.
Road: Hazaribagh is well connected by road to Ranchi (100 km), Patna (250 km), Bodhgaya (117 km) & with all the major cities by good roads.
Bus: Regular direct bus services are available from Patna and Ranchi. Jharkhand & Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation also runs luxury coach services Patna- Ranchi route via Hazaribagh twice a day.
Conducted Tour: Chartered buses or taxis are arranged from Ranchi and Patna by Jharkhand & Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation.

HAZARIBAGH WILDLIFE SANCTURY: For the eco-tourist, nature lover and wildlife enthusiast, hills, deep nullahs, thick tropical woodlands, grassy meadows. 'Sal' is the dominant tree spices. Wild bear, sambhar, nilgai, chital and kakar are populous. Sloth bears, tigers and panthers also prowl. The ten observation towers in the sanctuary make it all the more easier to have a closer encounter with wild life.

NAGAR:About 80 k.m. from Ranchi on Ramgarh Chitrapur Road, Rajrappa is a "Shakti Pith" situated on the confluence of two rivers known as Damodar and Bhairvi (Bhera). There are numbers of small and big temples in Rajrappa. It is a famous pilgrim resort for the Hindu devotees mainly from Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The Chinnamastika Temple is a very famous and a popular place of Hindu pilgrimage. The temple is very old and its architectural design is the same as that of other temples of Tantrik importance. Though its antiquity is yet to be dated.
The headless statue of Goddess Chhinamastika stands upon the bodies of Kamdeo and Rati in a lotus bed. The Chhinamastika Temple is very old and its architectural design is the same as that of other temples of tantrik importance. A number of other temples have come up around the original temple. Particularly, the temples of Mahavidyas ( Tara, Shodashi, Bhuneshwari, Bhairavi, bagla, Kamla, Matangi, Dhumavati) built in a series, attract more devotees. Rajrappa has turned into a popular picnic spot. Pilgrims come here throughout the year.

CANARY HILL: Close to the town lies the Canary Hill which has a well-laid out park and is studded with three small lakes. It has an observation tower. From the top of the hill one can have a panoramic view of the town.

HAZARIBAGH LAKE: The Hazaribagh lake in the town also attracts tourists and visitors. It is a popular picnic spot and place for water sports.

TELAIYA DAM:Telaiya Dam (52km): It is the first dam and hydro -electric power station constructed by Damodar Valley Corporation across Barakar river in Hazaribag district. It is 1,200 ft. long and 99 ft. high. It is situated in an ideal surrounding with a reservoir stretching in 36 sq. kms. The main objective is to control floods. The hydro -electric station produces 4,000 kilowatt of power. The beautiful natural surroundings and the drive from Barhi on GT road to the dam site through reservoir and the picturesque hillocks are the attraction to the motorists and the tourists. There is another dam at Konar, which is 51 km from Hazaribagh.

SURAJKUND: Surajkund (65 km): Situated close to the main GT road at Barkatta, it is quite popular for its hot water fountains.

URWAN TOURIST COMPLEX: Urwan Tourist Complex (62 km): Few kilometers from the Tilaiya Dam there is a tourist complex at Urwan which is run by Jharkhand State Tourism Development Corporation. It is an ideal site to relax where one can consider spending time by the side of the dam, where one can enjoy boating and other water sports.

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