WELCOME TO RANCHI: "The city of Water Falls"


Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand, India. Ranchi was the center of the Jharkhand movement for a separate state for tribal region of south Bihar. This state was formed on the 15th of November 2000, by carving out the districts form the Chhotanagpur and Santhal Parganas divisions of Bihar. Chhotanagpur plateau consists of the three smaller plateaus of Ranchi, Hazaribag, and Koderma.
The city of Ranchi is located at an altitude of 654 meter above sea level on the plateau of Ranchi. As part of Bihar, it used to be the summer capital from the time of the British Raj because of its cool and salubrious climate. Temperature range from 20C - 37C in the summer and 6C - 22C in winter. The Subarnarekha river flow by the side of the city.




Ranchi is well connected with a network of good roads, railways and flights.There are a number of State Highway and REO roads connecting one place of the district with other places within and outside the district. By Air There is a landing airstrip popularly known as Birsa Munda Airport. Ranchi is connected with almost all the major cities of the country through air. Ranchi has frequent flight for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Patna & Raipur.Rest of the states are connected through rail

Tagore Hill: About 3 km. from the main Road Ranchi, the Tagore Hill is about 300 ft. high. As the hill is associated with a history pertaining to Tagore family, it is known as Tagore Hill. A number of books are supposed to have been written by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the top of the hill. At the foot of the hill are situated the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and it's office and centre of Divyayan and Agrarian Vocational Institute.

Hundru Falls: Ranchi is nature's bounty to mother India which has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Hundru falls is about 28 km. aways from Ranchi town. The Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene known as Hundru falls. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns into an exciting picnic spot .

Dasham Falls: About 40 km. away from Ranchi on Tata Road falls a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river, Falling from a height of about 144 feet Kanchi river makes a pretty fall called Dassam falls known as Dassam Ghagh also encircled with charming scences. The tourists are warned not to take bath in the falls or at least be careful while bathing in the stream.

Jonha Falls: Jonha is about 40 km. away from Ranchi . The road leading to Jonha is a bit narrow but so adventuerus as well as and arduous as that of Hundru. There is also a hospice Tourists rest house which accommodates Lord Gautam Budha's temple. This falls is named after Gautam as Gautamdhara too, it is approachable by road. The tourists can go upto Gautamdhara station by train also.

Hirni Falls: About 70 km. From Ranchi on way to Chakradharpur is located Hirni Falls . Having situated amidst dense forest Hirni has been favoured by nature for scenic beauties. The tourists are carried away by emotions and flight of imagination while observing Hirni.

Ranchi Hill: Ranchi, being situated at an altitude of 2140 feet, from sea level, is a popular health and holiday resort and is a place of sacred pilgrimage. Some comely sights in the town include Ranchi Hill, Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake etc. A panoramic view of the town can be behold from the hill top. The Shiva temple situated on top of the hill, is an added attraction for devotees for whom it assumes the place of reverence during Shravan mas similar to that of Baijnath Dham (Deoghar).

JAGANNATHPUR TEMPLE: About 10 km. From Ranchi G.P.O. is another sight seeing place where the tourists can rejoice and worship. The old temple of lord Jagannath ,built in 1691 in the architectural style of Puri Temple stands like a fort on the top of the in the hill. Its car/chariot festival held light part on Ashadhmas draws a big crowd comprising of tribals and non-tribals. HEC township nearby is an added attraction.

NAKSHATRA VAN: Nakshatra Van is situated near Raj Bhawan. It is constructed in the year 2003 by State Government. It is a Designed Project in which 27 plants been planted according to the 27 planets of Astrology Science. Here the tourist attractions are Musical Fountain, Medicinal Plants & Natural Beauty of Plants.

GONDA HILL & ROCK GRADEN: About 4 km. from G.P.O., Ranchi on Kanke Road,just in fornt of the CMPDIL Hq. Is situated the Gonda Hill with a water reservoir at its top. At the foot of the hill is a big lake known as Kanke Dam and a lucrative place for tourists.

SUN TEMPLE: About 39 km. From Ranchi on Tata Road near Bundu stands on the desolate bush green the elegant Sun temple fashioned in the form of huge chariot with richly decorated 18 wheels and seven life like horses ready to take of. Built by Sanskrit Vihar headed by Shri Ram Maroo, the managing director of Ranchi Express, the sun temple deserves the title "a poem in stone".

AMRESHWAR DHAM: Amreshwar Dham is, actually, a temple complex in Khunti which accommodates the temples of Lord Ganpati, Ram-Sita, Hanuman and Shiva. The Shankracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati, having been captivated by serene, placid and celestial beauty of Angrabadi rechristened it as Amreshwar Dham.

RANCHI LAKE: Excavated by Col. Onsely, a British Agent in 1842, Ranchi Lake is centrally situated. It is a few minutes walk from GPO and is adjacent to Ranchi Telephone Exchange. The lake taken for beautification is yet to be beautified conforming to the original concept envisaged by the Deputy Commissioner, Madan Mohan Jha. However, the lake has an added attraction of boating for the visitors.

BIRSA JAIVIK UDYAN: Birsa Jaivik Udyan, This Zoological garden is located about 16km from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Patna National Highway near Ormanjhi. The collection of mammalian faunas is the main attraction here.

PANCH GAGH FALLS: Panch Gagh falls: is on Ranchi- Chakradharpur Road about 6 kms from Khunti. This fall consists of five streams which falls from a good height.

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